MedLove, UX & Healthcare Summit

tekening presentatie Sylvain MedLove

Sylvain Cottong, co-founder of Nectar and one of the founders of CareToDesign talked about people centered innovation at MEDlove, UX & Healthcare Summit. MEDlove is for all those who see the need for redesigning healthcare.

People-centered innovation methods and strategies are entering every area of orgnaizational design these days. In healthcare, practices like service design & user experience design can help to improve the experience & the efficiency in a traditionnaly highly regulated environment that almost enterely relied on inside-out thinking and governance until recently. Paradoxcially enough, healthcare is an area of practice where the ‘human’ is central to everything.

Sylvain showed how these practices can help to improve healthcare and proposed a topoloy of areas where UX & SD methods can be used, illustrated by some examples.

Here are some of the highlights of Medlove 2012

1. Think in 2 steps: First understand the current service state. Second design a new service concept. (Steven Dean)
2. Make the move from Faillure Creation tot Value Creation à think positive not negative. (Sylvain Cottong)
3. The future of healthcare is social à the patient is a participant and for example makes the diagnose by himself. (Marc Kramer)
4. The difficulty are the choises that has to be made: The Captains dilemma (Aleksander Stojanovic)
5. The user really is the start to think of improvements.(Alexander Steffen)
6. In the pharma industry human centered design is quite new. First step is starting with multichannel strategies. (Angel Brown)
7. The difference between a product and a service is that with a product you can ask: What can I have. With a service you can ask: What can this thing do for mee. (Rod Farmer)
8. The solution is in the networks. Network Insights leads to Network Solutions. (Martje van der Linden)
9. Real experience in applying human centered design gives you valuable insights. (Wiebke Lesch)
10. The most valuable ideas are coming up when you start Dreaming. (Peter Jones)