European Health Innovation Network


The European Health Innovation Network is a platform for innovation professionals to share knowledge and experience in using service design thinking in healthcare. The Network aims to encourage new partnerships and explore collaborations.

The European Health Innovation Network is an initiative of CareToDesign, started by DesignThinkers and Nectar . The aim of CareToDesign is a human centered healthcare service delivery system that corresponds to the real needs of patients and their relatives and that guarantees accessible healthcare for all in an ever more constraining environment.
As we all know, health care faces enormous challenges; an aging population, rising healthcare costs, an increase of people with a chronic disease & multimorbidity. Opposed to that system stands the needs, emotional wellbeing of patients as well as health care providers. We believe that patient centered design, innovation and creativity is necessary to solve the big challenges in healthcare. We will discuss those challenges, listen to your innovations, and envision a nurturing experience of healthcare delivery using the service design approach in the European Health