Is the best treatment for the disease, the best treatment for the patient?


Physicians are professionals who take the utmost care to treat a disease and thus making people healthy again. Patients want to be cured to return home to take care of family, to go back to work, to return to sports or to enjoy retirement. Physicians focus on the best treatment, patients focus on continuing daily life. This slight difference of focus can cause a big difference in outcome on the life of patients.

The old lady with multiple problems might need more than one operation to cure all her ailments. However her daily life might not improve with multiple visits to physicians, and multiple operations.

An holistic view on the life of patients is necessary to see what treatment is needed and when and how it is provided. Someone who is working during the day might best be helped with a phone call with his physician.

Of course, in an acute situation, there is only one thing that matters; quick and good response to the disease. For the other non-emergency care a focus on the daily life of the patients and their needs will help to improve healthcare. It will result in a more pleasant experience and when unnecessary care is not delivered cost will go down.

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