Healthcare service experiences

CTD 2.2

Our aim is a human centered healthcare service delivery system that corresponds to the real needs of patients and their relatives and that guarantees accessible healthcare for all in an ever more constraining environment. By corresponding to the real needs we can design better services and we can design a healthcare system that is ready to face the enormous challenges; an aging population, rising healthcare costs, an increase of people with a chronic disease, and differences in the knowledge, self support and needs of patients.

What are the real needs of patients and their relatives? We like to know! Almost everybody has some experience with healthcare. Some people when helping relatives or friends, and others when needing care. These experiences can be good, sadly enough these experiences can also be bad. We like to gather stories of healthcare services experiences, good and bad. We want to learn from these bad experiences, and we want to inspire with good experiences. We want to improve these experiences. So what is your story? How did you experience the healthcare service?

Tell us!

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