Health Tech Event 29-1-2013 Eindhoven, The Netherlands


DesignThinkers Group will facilitate a workshop at the Health Tech Event:
Adding value in Health Care

Join us for a hands-on Co-Creation Session and discover the value of Service Design Thinking tools and mindset. In this high energy session we will introduce you to human centered design, personas and journey mapping. Health Care should be all about creating real value with and for people. You will be challenged to create innovative concepts which are both valuable and human.

The Health Tech Event will cover open innovation in the following healthcare topics:


The event wants to create a platform on the crossroads of Science, Technology & Business in Healthcare. The goal of the event is that each participant, speaker, partner and/or attendee meets new potential partners to strengthen each other in technology, innovation & new business.
High Tech Campus Eindhoven is all about Open Innovation so the perfect location for this Event.

This conference’s target audience is (non)academic Hospitals, Research institutions, Universities, Insurance companies, System Integrators, Service Providers, Operators / ISP’s, Hardware manufacturers, Software developers, Venture Capital / Financial industry), Design companies, IP / legal and regulation bodies, Consultants

On the conference page you will find an actual overview of the program: