Booklaunch Brand-Driven Innovation by co-founder Erik Roscam Abbing


On October 27th Erik Roscam Abbing, co-founder Care To Design, launched his book on Brand-Driven Innovation. The book consists of two parts: the first part discusses how branding, innovation and design are intertwined, while the second part gives a practical framework to apply Brand Driven Innovation in organisations. Each part is introduced with an essay.

Part one consists of two chapters. The first discusses how branding and innovation are connected, and in fact need each other to prosper. The second discusses the role of design and design thinking in forging this synergy between branding and design. The first part contains vivid case studies on Innocent Smoothies, Icebreaker, Fatboy and Baltic, and conversations with specialists like Fred Coloppy, Ralf Beuker, Igor Kluin, Jan Buijs, Arne van Oosterom and Oliver King.

Part two consists of four chapters, each discussing one stage in the Brand Driven Innovation method. The chapters discuss human centered branding (how to build a brand that resonates with people, both internally and externally, and offers fertile ground for growth), building a brand driven innovation strategy, (how to build an innovation strategy that sets out to fulfill the brand’s promise), building a brand driven design strategy (how to employ design in all its disciplines and layers, to bring the brand to life), and orchestrating touch points (how to create meaning in the complete customer journey, using all touch points). The chapters are enriched with case studies on Océ, Priva, Etna, Priva, Dapper, Trespa, Virgin Atlantic and NLISIS, and conversations with specialists like Liz Sanders, Froukje Sleeswijk Visser, Philippe Picaud, Pierre Yves Panis, Pim Jonkman, Aldo de Jong, Harry Rich and Gert Kootstra.